Suzanne’s Story (07/17/07)

Suzanne Pic My name is Suzanne Burns and I have had the honor of working with Dr. Joe Vitale for the past three years, in the capacity of Publicist and Executive Assistant. Every day people come up to me and inquire what it is like to work with someone that is as amazing and as spiritual as Joe and I always tell them that it is the thrill of a lifetime! It is an honor to be a part of his endlessly fast-paced, ever-growing, evolving empire that continues to be a limitless, joyful adventure.

Each day is a new day filled with unexpected twists and turns, product announcements and new developments always in the works and then some! Joe lives the life of being in the flow and he is always ready to receive the gifts of The Universe as they come his way. His hands are empty and open to receiving as he faces the Sun in the “YES-I’m- ready- what’s-next?” position. For the rest of us, that requires being on standby and being at the READY because in Joe’s world, it’s guaranteed that anything can happen at a moment’s notice!

Same can be said when I first received notice from Joe that he wanted to hold our very first Ho’oponopono event with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Now, I didn’t know what Ho’oponopono was and had never even heard of Dr. Len before but I could tell this was something important. My body was buzzing with excitement, congruence and anticipation to learn more. At first, Joe said we should plan for a quiet, intimate dinner with 10-12 of his closest friends. Maybe we’d even have the dinner at his house and Dr. Len could speak to us in his living room later. But then Joe received an inspired thought and decided he’d extend the invitation beyond his family and friends, thinking that there may be a handful of others who might show an interest and benefit from this “intimate and quiet dinner in a relaxed setting.”

Quiet Dinner indeed! Were we ever amazed and surprised to see the highly charged response we were receiving! Over 75 people signed up to attend this dinner! Needless to say our venue changed from Joe’s living room to a high rise hotel in downtown, Austin, overlooking the beautiful Colorado River and the gorgeously lit city skyline. It was a view not to be missed! Not to mention an unforgettable evening. (Note: a free recording of this dinner can be downloaded at:

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Being in the audience and hearing Dr. Len and Joe talk about Ho’oponopono, clearing work, cleaning by reciting the four mantras and how we have the power to change our lives, simply by erasing our painful memories resonated TRUTH in my entire being. That was my first taste of Ho’oponopono. From that time on, I would play around with the phrases, here and there, and was really trying to grasp what it all meant and how I could truly apply it to my life. Even though the teachings behind Ho’oponopono sounded simple enough, I still had questions. I would come to learn later on, that I wasn’t alone. Since Joe doesn’t like to keep his students hanging for too long, he did us all a favor by announcing his next inspiration: his Beyond Manifestation I seminar in May, 2006. (Audios of entire event can be found here:

I am so grateful for having been privy to all that has been going on and the phenomena and wonderment of all of this. For those of us who have been there from the beginning of the Ho’oponopono birthing process, we’ve been blessed to serve as eye witnesses and to share with each other how this ancient philosophy has impacted us all, personally and collectively…..and continues to do so.

This is my story.

14 months ago, I got inspired.

As a privileged guest, attending Joe Vitale’s Beyond Manifestation seminar, I was enthralled by the following story:

JOE: I had a STARTLING REALIZATION. In the PREVIOUS TRAINING, it taught us that you can take a pencil and use the eraser END of it to ERASE PROGRAMMING…TO GET CLEAR. I noticed that we already have pencils here; some of YOU BROUGHT pencils. I almost NEVER USE a pencil.

So, when I came back from the FIRST training with Dr. Len he had given me a pencil and everybody else a pencil. My book at that time was getting ready to come out, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. Nerissa may not have even been aware of this, but I LEFT THIS on our COUNTER and anybody who’s visited would have SEEN this book on the counter. They might I was doing some SELF promotion, by being SURE that they SAW it, but it WASN’T that at ALL because I left it on the counter and I ALWAYS left a pencil there. Every time I walked by, I would TOUCH IT to ERASE ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF MAKING THIS BOOK A SUCCESS! Every day I did this! I walked by and it was amazing that I have the book and I only brought one or two so I could show you…but I brought THIS so I could SHOW YOU, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual I’m still ERASING IT! I have it here. I take a pencil with an eraser and I’m erasing it. I saying, “I LOVE YOU,” or I’m saying nothing at all, BUT THIS is erasing ANYTHING, in ME, in the BOOK, right down who Dr. Len says right down to how the book was MADE, the trees that were used, the paper that was used, the ink that was used, clearing ANYTHING!!

Now, this is stuff that I would not…I have probably NEVER have SPOKEN ABOUT BEFORE. [Chuckling] You can only speak about it in the RIGHT group! That’s YOU guys!!

So, this book came out. It became an INSTANT number one Best Seller. It stayed on the Best Seller list for FOUR DAYS, not dropping at all. Woman’s Day Magazine did a half page feature story on it, I think in this month’s issue. It might have been in last month, but it was very recently. Suzanne may know.

Suzanne: [Inaudible]

Joe: It was in May. See? She KNOWS EVERYTHING!

All: [Laughing]

Joe: [Laughing] In May. Wal-Mart has bought THOUSANDS OF COPIES as a TEST RUN. None of my other books have been picked up by Wal-Mart yet. But they bought THOUSANDS of copies of the book as a test run and if it does well, they can buy HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF COPIES OF THE BOOK! So, THIS has taken on a life of its own.

I don’t even spend too much time promoting it. I don’t mention it to people on my list. I certainly mention it on my website. It’s on Amazon. It has a LIFE of its OWN. So, every day I have been ERASING, hit it with a pencil. This is STILL on the counter at our kitchen table and I still have the pencil on it given by Dr. Len.

Eraser Technique # 2:
JOE: Well, he told me to take a similar pitcher of water, MENTALLY of course, and to DUNK my Barnum book in it and to IMAGINE that it was in there and IMAGINE there was like an Alka-Seltzer and it’s just fizzing, because all of the negativity anything concerned with how the book may have been printed. Anybody involved in the touching of the book, during the editorial process or the production process, everybody, all the way down to the ink, the trees, whether the paper was recycled, all of that GETS CLEANED. So, I dunked the Barnum book in it, immediately, in my MIND of course, and it’s STILL there cooking. In my MIND, I can see that the fizzing is starting to get a little SOFTER, meaning that to ME that the book is getting totally CLEAN, so WHO KNOWS where it’s GOING TO GO after that. But, this is another REMINDER of HOW THIS kind of METHODOLOGY of being inspired and by doing the cleaning can work even in marketing. It can work with your emails. It can work with your products that you’re trying to distribute or that you’re trying to PROMOTE. But you want to CLEAN on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL THAT SHOWS UP. You are CLEANING ANYTHING WITHIN YOU, but it’s ALL WITHIN YOU, of course. You are cleaning ALL OF THAT.

Another technique that you can do is take the pencils that are around here and touch the book, touch the product, touch your computer, touch whatever it is you are trying…your wallet, your purse, whatever and MENTALLY you are just imagining that they are being CLEANED. Crazy? Maybe, but WHAT IF it WORKED? I mean, all it is, is a pencil and an eraser and you are cleaning. Any questions? Yes sir. Oh, yeah.

Craig: I don’t really have a question, but you asked if it was CRAZY, what it means to ME is it’s SYMBOLIC for the MIND if nothing else. It focuses you on CLEANING. That’s a physical symbol that gives you a mental picture of…yeah, it’s an eraser, of course, but your attention in your own thoughts I think is part of what might make that work.

Joe: I would describe it as how I articulate what I am doing, because when you hear Dr. Len and you get together with Ho’oponopono people, they WON’T RATIONALIZE it that way. You and I are rationalizing it, so that it makes sense to our Western left brain. So we feel better about doing the eraser type thing.

All: [Laughing]

Joe: Yeah. This is why we are doing it. It’s a signal to our brain. They don’t think that way. No.

Eraser Technique # 3:
Woman: Will you tell us what you are clearing right now with that eraser?

All: [Chuckling]

Pat: [Tap, tap, tap] FEAR of public speaking.

Audience: [Chuckling]

Pat: You understand about the fear of public speaking, right? It’s like MORE PREVALENT that the FEAR OF DEATH?

Needless to say, I was convinced.

I liked the symbolism behind an eraser and decided I would start erasing my life away (or at least the parts that I didn’t like).

If there was a bill I was worried about paying, I would leave it out, with a huge red stamp marked “PAID” and every time I walked by it, I would tap it with the end of my eraser. Miraculously, I found that the more I would do this, the faster the money would come to me and noticed how eventually, not only did our bills get paid easily and effortlessly but the fear of how they would get paid vanished too. I didn’t even think about them anymore. Can you imagine the freedom that comes with not thinking about your bills anymore? It’s a wonderful feeling to have your space once filled with worry and stress replaced with peace and confidence that all is well.

Anytime something would come up that I didn’t like, I would remember my new fanciful eraser technique and I would tap away on things…the t.v., my computer, my bills, my body, you name it and I was taping it…tap, tap, tap….

So everything was moving along beautifully and smoothly, I was happy with life and feeling like I held the key to one of life’s most important secret treasures. I now had the tools to clear up my baggage and knew that this was going to be the start of something new, for the rest of my life. As is the case in life, all unfinished business must rise to the surface. That is part of the process when we “spring clean” our souls. I believe this is one of the reasons that we fear leaving our comfort zones (even when they no longer support us). We have some dusty old skeletons in the closet that we’d soon rather forget about, and we’re afraid that movement of any kind will stir up the beasts. So, as humans we do very creative things to distract ourselves from having to manage or face the things that we feel helpless to manage or change (whether it be disassociation, procrastination, avoidance, addiction, etc.). Fortunately, since The Universe is perfect, it doesn’t allow for us to skirt our responsibilities forever. IT loves us enough to want us to be clear of absolutely everything that weighs us down, seen and unseen, remembered or forgotten.

Speaking of forgotten….so, there I was, doing my eraser tapping and cleaning everyday and feeling confident that I could face anything, no matter what came up, as long as I always remembered to clean. One day, my husband and I received a not so nice letter in the mail. It was unfinished business from a creditor who wanted to sue us. 6 years ago, we entered into a thriving MLM and 2 years into our business, without notice, the carpet was pulled out from under all of the Representatives and this unexpected turn of events wreaked havoc on our credit. One day we had income. The very next day we didn’t. It was a bad case of a single stream of incoming going dry. Receiving the letter in the mail felt like ghosts from our past coming back to haunt us. It’s amazing what fear can do. How it has the power to make you forget what resources are always made available to us in order to move through the illusion of fear itself. Once I breathed through the fear and grounded myself, I remembered that this was simply my opportunity to clean and apply this technique on something that I considered to be “much harder” than anything else I had been cleaning on. For the time being, this was to be my greatest challenge yet to clean on. From the time that we received the letter to right before our court date, I would tap, tap, tap the envelope and sometimes remember to repeat, “I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You.” I did this every time my eyes fell to the envelope, several times per day, for months.

As a result of the cleaning work I did, we ended up manifesting the perfect attorney who easily and effortlessly made this suit disappear without the drama. Even the court date got cancelled and the law suit vanished. More and more I became convinced by this fascinating eraser technique.

In fact, I felt SO strongly about this magical and simple process, that I felt inspired to invent a magic eraser wand. Being someone who likes “pretty things,” I thought to myself, “This boring pencil sure could use some sprucing up!” I began researching various artists and vendors who would be able to create such a magical piece but nothing was flowing. Either phone calls weren’t being returned or unmet promises were being made as to how and when this product could be created. Since I’m a believer in what’s easy and I like to pay attention to what flows, I decided to write a love note to the Universe with my special idea and said, “If you feel this is a good idea where others may benefit as well, please light up my path and show me the way.” And then I just let it go and forgot about it.

Several months later, I went to the World Wellness Week-end in our local area to “wo-man” the booth at another one of Joe Vitale’s not-to-be-missed events and my beautiful friend Joyce McKee ( excitedly came bouncing up to me and said, “Suzanne! I know you’re busy but can I steal you for just 2 minutes? There is someone you ABSOLUTELY MUST meet!” Being that it was more of a rhetorical question, I didn’t have time to answer as I felt my body follow my arm that was now temporarily owned by my friend Joyce. Now, where JOY-ce will take you on her wondrous travels, one can never tell. But once you get to know Joyce, you trust that you’re about to embark on something marvelous and fun, as she is the ultimate networker, who has a heart of gold and loves to love and gives of herself a thousand-fold. So, I joyfully got whisked away and was instantly introduced to a very spiritual artist who designs magical and inspiration pieces of artistry. We instantly clicked and we began talking about Ho’oponopono and how I was looking for an artist who could create a prototype for my idea. Her eyes filled with tears and she said, “Well, I’ve never made a magic eraser wand before, but I can figure out how to do that for you!”

Can it be that easy? After spending months and months making phone calls, researching websites and artists and ending up on a dead end street, how can it be that in less than 30 seconds, I’ve met an angel who willingly agrees to create something for me, when we had only just met? We didn’t discuss Non-Compete Agreements, fees, payment structures, etc. We were just two people who were happy to meet and begin creating together. After I shared my idea with her she held her arm out and said, “See there? Goosebumps. I always get them when I’m inspired and need to embrace the moment. That’s a sign. We’re meant to do something here!”

So, we sealed the deal based on Goosebumps :-)

Since Ho’oponopono is my passion, I shared with my new friend, a.k.a. “Lisa Sunshine” how important it is to me that only the purest energy be poured into these cleansing products. That we only think positively while we share our thoughts and ideas and while the products themselves are being made, we clean, clean, clean and ONLY come from a place of inspiration while we are creating them. We create only when we are completely centered and grounded in that space. There would be no stress allowed, no rushing, no self-imposed feelings or deadlines of “I’ve got to get this done now!” etc. Only positive and loving programming goes into all of these pieces. Each piece is infused with clearing and cleaning. To me, this was to be the most important element of our creations. I believe that this process can be implemented in every area of life, not just in business.

As a result of this amazing experience, I learned a very valuable lesson regarding business and the ideas that come to us through Divine Inspiration:

The insights I received were:

♥ All we have to do is take action on Divine Inspiration.

♥ And when we think about our business, ONLY have positive thoughts.

♥ Release or cancel the fears as they come up and get back to visualizing how you wish things to go.

♥ Take action on everything that you can take action on.

♥ Don’t be attached to outcomes.

♥ If obstacles show up, clean on them and remember that you can only do what you can do. Don’t worry about “the HOW.” That’s The Universe’s job. Remember to keep handing over any question marks to The Universe and TRUST that everything will take care of itself for your own best good.

♥ If money becomes an issue, then trust that this is part of the Universe’s plan too but remember to keep going, no matter what. Keep doing what you can do. Don’t worry about the “How” part and hand this worry over to the Universe.

♥ Tackle your projects a little at a time, every day. Doing a little bit of something every day is the BEST way!

♥ Personally, it feels good to not know which direction my business will go in or to have to control it. Instead, just TRUST and let the Universe show you. It’s much more fun and satisfying to see all the surprises that are in store for you.

♥ LISTEN, pay attention to the messages that come your way.

♥ Then let go.

♥ It feels best not to NEED, to be detached and to just observe and then tell stories based on what’s already happened – not on what you HOPE will happen!

Inspiration is all around us. Opportunity is abundant. All we have to do is pay attention to our surroundings and an idea is born. Remember my good friend Joyce that I had mentioned earlier? Not too long ago, we were having a discussion about abundance and she was telling me about a technique she learned from The Sedona Method. She told me that when we desire something, to inhale the word “I” and to exhale the word “Allow.” The same can be done with “I AM.” Doing this technique while focusing on what it is you desire allows you to be in perfect alignment, energetically, with what you wish to attract.

Joyce went on and had this to say:

“Joe talks about the power and impact the words ‘I love you’ to the Divine has. And that is a true statement. Conveying to the Divine all of the heart felt emotions with the words gets us to the Zero point. This is where inspiration happens.

In the progression of events, other words come more easily to us. The first is I AM. At Zero we are one with the Divine.

At first, I struggled with declaring, I AM. That seemed to me to be so presumptuous on my part. Who am I to declare my oneness with God? Then I am exposed to other marvelous words and work, like Marianne Williamson in her poem:

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson
it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

-Marianne Williamson

The words come more easily now.

Then the transition takes another step with the words – I Allow.

I allow myself to be perfect.
I allow (the person I struggle with) to be perfect.
I allow…anything.

I am now in the position, in my thinking and feeling to let go and allow God, the Universe, whatever name is appropriate to flow in and through me so that I might live a purpose filled life.

All of this progression is due to my choice, to have communion and be one with the Divine.”

I felt so inspired after my conversation with Joyce that I realized how wonderful it would be to carry around with me a reminder of this powerful technique. So, I picked up the phone and asked “Lisa Sunshine” if she could create a new line of jewelry that reads: “I Am” and “I Allow” so that it can be worn or carried to help us all to remember the nature of our true power, that we ARE LOVE and the importance of being open to receiving.

From the time that we come up with an idea to the time that the idea manifests into being can be as effortless as breathing.

I Am.

I Allow.

Here is to prosperity, magic and fulfillment.

It awaits us all.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Suzanne Burns

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