BLACK – Feet Chakras

“Feet chakras are black and enable the foundations of a body.”

“The black chakra is the 12th chakra (or 13th if you count two aspects at the heart chakra). It is located approximately 6″ below the feet, surrounding the outer layer of the aura like an envelope. It is the energy of the Tao, from which everything springs, like a fountain of water. The feminine aspect of the black chakra is the movement in, and the masculine aspect is the movement out. This ray is extremely powerful when used for psychic surgery; it allows you to get to the core of a problem quickly and easily. The black ray also embodies the universal androgynous element, or “neutral space.” Buddha is an excellent historical example of the black ray energy.”


“I embrace my experiences here on Earth. I am grateful and happy to be here. Thank you for my life!” – SB

“I embrace living in the now and I allow beautiful experiences to flow through me.” – SB


“I release all that does not serve me, in addition to all that does, in order to allow NEW
experiences to fill my life and heart space.” – SB

“I release my need to disassociate. It is safe to be in my body
with my feet firmly placed on the ground. I am ‘grounded’” – SB

“I release all forms of chaos and turmoil. I remind myself that
I am in the flow and my pathway is clear.” – SB

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