Ho’oponopono Chocolate


Why Chocolate?

“Drinking hot chocolate releases error memories in the subconscious that put gain first as oppose to doing something because it is divinely correct to do.

Drinking hot chocolate releases error memories that cause violence in relationships, smoothing things out so that relationships are not about gain but about love….”
—- Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

A beautifully wrapped box of chocolates has always been considered a very romantic gift. You may have heard that chocolate contains the same chemical that the brain creates when we’re feeling romantic love. Made in the U.S.A. of sterling silver and translucent enamel, this tiny replica of a mini chocolate bar is a yummy and subtle way to dissolve any blocks you may have with your current relationships, romantic or otherwise!

Chocolate pendant comes with your choice of the following length sterling silver ball chains:

16″ Ball Chain, .1.2mm 18″ Ball Chain, .1.2mm
Price: $119 Price: $119

20″ Ball Chain, 1.5mm
Price: $124

Chocolate Pendant
Chocolate Covered Cherry Pendant with Sterling Silver Drip
16″ Ball Chain
18″ Ball Chain
Price: $169

20″ Ball Chain – Price: $179

Ever heard the cliche, “Life is just a bowl of cherries”? This is something that you say which means that life is very pleasant. Every time you touch this piece adorned around your neck, it is meant to serve as a reminder for all the wonderful things that you have to be grateful for
in your life, including all of your romantic relationships,
both present and past!
Chocolate Covered Cherry Pendant with Gold Drip
16″ Ball Chain 18″ Ball Chain
Price: $1050


20″ Ball Chain – Price: $1140

The chocolate covered cherries have a beautiful weight and feel to them, as they are made of solid sterling silver or 14k gold and covered in glossy cherry and chocolate enamel.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Pendant with Chocolate Drip

Solid Silver (No Enamel) Chocolate Covered Cherry Pendant

16″ Chain
18″ Chain
16″ Chain
18″ Chain

20″ Chain – Price:$179
20″ Chain – Price:$179

Your choice of a 16″, 18″, or 20″ 14k gold ball chain runs through the knot of the cherry stem.

It is said that if you can tie the cherry stem into a knot using only your tongue that you are considered to be “a sensuous person.”

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“I Love” Chocolate Pendant
Who doesn’t love chocolate? The perfect gift for chocolate lovers, without the calories or the guilt! This piece made of bamboo and edged with silver embossing, is meant to serve as a healing reminder to focus on what you love about your partner(s), present and past and choosing forgiveness and acceptance in others.

“I bought one of your beautiful chocolate necklaces and gave it to a very sick young woman I met. Just think of all the healing going on in her and she doesn’t even know it. Thank you for following your Dreams and passions in life.” — Donna Fuller

Remember to Pick a Chain!

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Chocolate with Almonds Pendant
Some love their chocolate plain, others love theirs with nuts! Over the ages, the spiritual usage of almonds is said to attract wealth. With the symbol of chocolate and almonds combined, wearing this piece will help to mend money challenges in your relationships. Made from bamboo and silver embossing.

Remember to Pick a Chain!

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Chocolate With Mint Pendant
Do your nerves sometimes get the best of you?
Mint is a wonderful nerve soother. Refreshing and uplifting, Mint is “a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element.” Mint is known for “its powerful healing ability and dispels evil spirits. Prosperity can come in many forms including good health, both physical and spiritual. Mint is also good for recovery and restores vitality.” This bamboo and silver embossing piece comes with a green swarovski crystal.

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MILK Chocolate/DARK Chocolate Pendant
When it comes to chocolate, there are two schools of thought: there are those who are milk chocolate lovers and there are dark chocolate connosseurs. Depending on what mood you’re in, this 2 sided bamboo wire wrapped piece with silver embossing is reversible and is considered to be a spiritual and healthy balance of Yin & Yang.

Remember to Pick a Chain!

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Chocolate Painting
This gorgeous chocolate painting was created by artist, Aimee Rousseau.
Aimee creates amazing works of art, as well as ho’oponopono
portraits that serve as healing tools when you gaze upon them. To view Aimee’s vast array of ho’oponopono prints and to order your
own special picture, go to: www.healingpainting.com
Aimee’s Chocolate Painting