Cleaning Silks

What is the Zero State? <
“All that scientists know is the cosmos was spawned from nothing, and will return to the nothing from whence it came. The universe begins and ends with zero.”

How do you get to Zero State?
Cleaning via the 4 mantras erases programming in the subconscious mind, allowing for inspiration from Divinity to come through.

“Problems are memories replaying in the subconscious. Problems have nothing to do with anyone or anyplace or any situation. When you experience memories replaying problems, you have choice. You can stay engaged to them or you can petition Divinity to free them up through transmutation, thus restoring your mind to its original state of zero, of void…of being memory free. When you are memory free, you are your Divine Self as Divinity created you in its exact likeness.”

Surrounded by angels and light beings, this geometric image was coincidentally designed in complete alignment with ho’oponopono’s Self I-dentity State of Inspiration flow chart that begins with the Subconscious Mind (Unihipili – The Child) and works its way up to the Conscious Mind (Uhane – The Mother) to the Superconoscious Mind (Aumakua – The Father) to Divine Intelligence/Infinite.

When you are going through something difficult, ask yourself: “What is going on in me that this came up in him/her? How can I be 100% responsible?” By sending your energy up to the Divine and repeating: “I’m sorry; Please forgive me; I love you; Thank you.”

The above text are excerpts from Zero Limits.

Each picture tells a story. Every symbol carries a special meaning. Resting on the cool, healing waters we are reminded of a powerful ho’oponopono cleaning tool: “Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories, replaying problems in the subconscious mind (the Child), and helps the body to “Let go and let God.”

Ho’oponopono Geometric Design
With Hues of Violet, Periwinkle, Blue and Purple
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Coaster Intention Energizer
Coaster Intention Energizer Secret Message Back
Energizer Plus Water
Water Plus Energizer

Fringed Silk Ho’oponopono Bookmark Front
Fringed Silk Ho’oponopono Bookmark Back (also in spanish)

Ho’oponopono Scarf

WITH Words

22" x 22"

Ho’oponopono Scarf with Words
Ho’oponopono Scarf without Words

The Ho’oponopono Healing Meditation Kit is a powerful combination of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic attunement methods to powerfully harmonize your consciousness to receive the vibration frequencies of Forgiveness, Love, Healing and Gratitude.

Ho’oponopono Healing Meditation Kit brings together the best of proven Ho’oponopono techniques practiced worldwide and used currently by respected doctors and experts such as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Joe Vitale, and Mabel Katz. Featured in books such as The Law of Attraction, The Easiest Way and Zero Limits, the beauty of Ho’oponopono is in its simplicity.

Using the Ho’oponopono cleaning process is very simple. The mantra consisting of repetitions of the following phrases: “I’m Sorry,” “Please Forgive Me,” “I Love You,” and “Thank You.”



We developed this BreathCoil™ method of breathing several years ago and only recently found that the Ancient Hawaiians had been using this method for eons. Ha means exhale.

There is a great deal of science behind the development of the BreathCoil™. It has been proven to lower high blood pressure, increase blood circulation, decrease anxiety, and improve sleep and energy cycles.

Using the BreathCoil™ helps people to breathe through their stress and activate a state of feeling relaxed and energized leaving you more receptive to healing. This is called a Relaxation Response.

Single – $10.00

3 Pack – $26.00