The power of a grateful heart is legendary and will bring more good into your life than you can possibly imagine. If you would live the abundant life, learn to use this ancient law daily: Be conscious of all that you have, and more will be added to you. These beautiful designs will remind you of the great-full feeling that comes with an “attitude of gratitude.”
Silver Bracelet
Gold Bracelet
Gratitude Bracelet - Silver
Gratitude Bracelet - Gold

Silver Ring
Gold Ring
Gratitude Ring - Silver
Gratitude Ring - Gold
$439.00 (Sizes 4-8.5)
Ring Size

Gold Color
Ring Size

$479.00 (Sizes 9-13)
Ring Size
Gold Color

Silver Necklace
Gold Necklace
Gratitude Bar Necklace - Silver
Gratitude Bar Necklace - Gold

Silver Diamond Necklace
Gold Diamond Necklace
Gratitude Diamond Necklace - Silver
Gratitude Diamond Necklace - Gold

Silver Stackables
Gold Stackables
Note: Set of 4 (Gratitude, Love, Namaste, and Gratitude)
Ring Size

Gold Color
Ring Size

Gold Color
Ring Size

Money Clip
Gratitude Money Clip