Healing Vessels

Ho’oponopono Sacred Healing Vessel

When you have a person or an issue in your life in need of healing, write down the name(s) or the problem and put it in this vessel. Ask that the problem be resolved, or that the person receive healing, and place it on your altar or put it in a sacred place. This is how healing begins.

The Ho’oponopono mantras "I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me and Thank You" are engraved on the vessel. You may also insert a lock of hair, a memento from childhood, or any other item placed inside that you would like to transfer healing energy to.

Local spiritual artist, Waxéla Sananda (www.SpiritMama.com) has created this distance healing vessel exclusively for Intentional Treasures with the intention of transferring healing energy to whatever is placed inside. The vessel comes with three tiny clay hearts to be placed inside.
The container is made of glass covered with polymer clay, beads, and a polymer face with a love heart. There are 5 *hematite star beads around the vessel, and the lid has a pearl surrounded by tiny art beeds. The entire container is varnished and painted with a metallic lacquer to add a beautiful shine. Vessel stands 4.5" tall.

* Spiritual Properties of Hematite: "Aids mental clarity, concentration, memory, self-control, practicality and original thinking. Thought to be protective, hematite promotes sound sleep, confidence, willpower and boldness. It also brings a sense of calm and reduces anxiety and stress. It neutralizes emotional negativity and has a positive effect on love and relationships. Physically it stimulates the absorption of iron and its energy is said to re-energise the blood, promoting good health. Chakra: Sacral and solar plexus."




Ho’oponopono Healing Vessel
This ho’oponopono healing vessel includes the 5 hematite star beadsaround the vessel with a crystal top and 3 tiny clay hearts placed inside. The 4 ho’oponopono
phrases are written down the sides of the healing vessel.