Ho’oponopono T-shirts!

Intentional Treasures has teamed up with famous brand Reflect, LLC!

They are a USA based company and created this new line of
Ho’oponopono t-shirts, exclusively for Intentional Treasures!

The shirts include the cleaning mantra:

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

I Love You
Thank You

Why are the 4 cleaning phrases spelled backwards?

Placing the backward spelling of positive affirmations
on clothing, originally came from genius and co-founder,
Drew Yacu, who believes that citing your affirmations in front of
the mirror draws you away from the mental noise we experience
on a daily basis and brings you into the NOW, where your personal
power exists!

Leonardo DaVinci was one of the first to use mirror writing.

He used it to keep his work private. The font used by Reflect!

is a version of the DaVinci script that was translated into English.

Wearing these novel t-shirts is a fun way to remember to clean
every time you walk by a mirror or any time you see your

magnificent reflection!

What are you reflecting?

Men’s Ho’oponopono Classic Tee
Women’s Ho’oponopono Cap Sleeve Tee
Price: $30.00
Price: $30.00