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July 12, 2008

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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank

Welcome to June’s News. Have a seat – get cozy and let’s begin.


This month Ka Nani Essentials doesn’t have much to report in the way of NEWS – but stay tuned next month will be an exciting one with some new offers and product lines!! But don’t forget to stop by and stock up on your Artistically, natural and organically sourced Bath and Body Items – Lots to choose from. We even have the new Candles Page up too!!

This month I am excited and a bit reflective to share with you two awesome people who have had a direct impact on my life. One is a dear, longtime friend and one is a brand new one. But each one has wasted NO time in trying to improve their corner of the world!!

Each have helped me to grow as an individual and have brought lessons that I have needed to learn both brand new and old lessons alike.

In a way each one is a beginning for me – even though I have known one for a very long time. Each person is starting on a new journey and I have the distinct honor to be a front row particpant of both. Each individual honors their creativeness in similar and different ways.

So without further ado let’s begin.

New Light On An Old Problem

The month of May was one of pain and joy, up and down emotions for my good friend Sam who is the owner of Anam Cara Candles

For five years she has had the pleasure of having an Angel in her life. The only thing is she didn’t know it. She always considered her son an Angel but not in the terms that this last month brought to life. When he was born there were some considerable complications and he was diagnosed at the time with Cerebral Palsy. She went along with this diagnosis the best she could but always in the back of her mind and heart she knew there was something more. If you only knew this Mom like I do!! :D

She is a lion when it comes to her children and she will stop at nothing to give her kiddos the best she can.

This last month both she and her husband took alot of money out of pocket to continue the search to what was really troubling their son. What came to light was both good and bad news. Good in that they finally knew exactly what was going on – bad in that for them – hope seemed to vanish for a cure. One diagnosis gave hope that with time and the right therapies their kiddo could thrive and become a part of society – the other more fears to wrestle with and not as great an outcome. :(

What I have seen over the past two weeks has been inspirational and miraculous in that this mother has armed herself with all the new information she can get a hold of and has totally turned Life’s Lemons into Sweet Lemonade. Taking what has been handed her, turning it around and being Thankful for what she has.

As anyone knows with bad news – this process can and often times is a difficult task to do. Most times people get stuck in the bad news part and can’t get past to see the good. With this amazing Mom – she chose to feel instead Relief, Gratefulness and started to see the goodness in this moment and immediately sprang into action – not wasting too much time in starting to improve the world.

Is the journey easy now? No. Will there be times when she is down and done? Yes. But I know this mom will continue on. And I for one intend to be there for her every step of the way in good times and bad as best I can.

Will you join me in supporting her with your best thoughts, prayers and good energy?

To learn more about her, her Angel and his diagnosis please visit her blog at:

Celtic Angel Warriors

Thank you.

What’s Your Sigh? – Beauty Secret of the Month

This next individual has been a great inspiration and reminder to me. We didn’t have enough room to bring you the whole story so PLEASE Go View this month’s Beauty Secret – at Ka Nani’s BLOG to read a very Inspirational and Uplifting Article and Secret Beauty Tip.

Until next month – “Feel GREAT About Your Beauty”