“I Have A Millionaire Mind”

It is said that the universe doesn’t know the difference between a penny and a dollar. What might this mean to you? Could it be that it is as easy to create a million dollars as it is ten dollars? If this is hard to believe, then you will benefit from this powerful affirmation, created originally for the attendees of Peak Potential’s Millionaire Mind Intensive. Use the beauty of these designs to declare a new reality for yourself and set your belief in motion! Remember…it is yours for the taking, but you have to “take it” into your mind first.
Silver Bracelet
Gold Ring
Millionaire Mind Bracelet - Silver
Millionaire Mind Ring - Gold
$439.00 (Sizes 6-8.5)

Gold Color
Ring Size

$479.00 (Sizes 9-13)
Ring Size
Gold Color

Silver Cuff
Gold Cuff
Millionaire Mind Cuff - Silver
Millionaire Mind Cuff - Gold

Gold Color

Money Clip
Millionaire Mind Money Clip
Millionaire Mind Keychain