PINK – Also related to the Heart Chakra

“The pink chakra lies close to the 4th green one, slightly below it being smaller in size. The pink chakra supports the ability of unconditional love. Green chakra lets us feel affected so that we feel loved or feel the pain of not being loved. But the pink chakra allows us greater flexibility as we now are able to feel love toward ourselves, and to others, and not just simply relying on an outside source.”


“I embrace myself completely and unconditionally.” – SB

“I love myself.” – SB

“I like who I am.” – SB

“I understand that it is permissible to put myself on the list and that my needs are equally
as important as others around me. Putting myself first is the state of being self-FULL (not selfish).
As Ihaleakala Hew Len states: ‘When you take care of yourself, the rest of the world takes care of
itself.” – SB


“I release my broken heart to the Divine so that it may be mended and returned to me in one piece.” – SB

“I release the self-sabotage I inflict upon myself due to the lack of self-worth I sometimes feel.” – SB

“I release my self-judgments and lack of forgiveness for words or actions I’ve demonstrated in the
past that may have brought harm to humans, animals, nature (or any type of life form).” – SB

*Chakra Clearingby Doreen Virtue

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