“Dear Suzanne,

I had to write and tell you how much I love my new chocolate necklace. It’s just the right size and looks gorgeous against my skin. The craftsmanship is excellent. It feels like I’m wearing a candy bar and that makes me feel happy. It’s also nice to know that I’m clearing through Ho’oponopono every time I wear it.”

Heidi Walter
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Beneath hd

"Beautiful Suzanne,
Sharon loved her gift and the presentation
was so……filled with infinite love.

I am so grateful for glorious joy filled you,

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I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Namaste and hugs,"
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Jacqui Johnson

"I love my pen… the quality is really good and it looks fantastic.
I feel the cleaning happen when I write with it… I love it…. thanks
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Lina Atkinson

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Circle Necklace

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"Hi Suzanne,

I love my sterling silver infinity circle necklace that I bought from you at the ZeroLimits3 (www.ZeroLimits3.com

Flashbacks of a Fool

) workshop.  I originally bought it just to help me remember to use the process, but I actually received unexpected benefits from it.  After a few days of wearing it, I realized that I was a much calmer driver when I was wearing it and wasn’t aggressive with verbal outbursts in my car yelling (to myself inside the car) at other drivers.  I found myself being more cordial to others on the road and a much calmer driver myself.  Wearing it seems to help me stay in the present moment much easier.  Thank you for making your jewelry available!

Vickie S.
Tulsa, OK"

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“I bought one of your beautiful chocolate necklaces and gave it to a very sick young woman I met. Just think of all the healing going on in her and she doesn’t even know it. Thank you for following your Dreams and passions in life.” — Donna Fuller

Dear Suzanne,
I received my ho’oponopono charm bracelet today and it is BEAUTIFUL.
The quality is excellent. Thank you for cleaning on the bracelet each
step of the way. Shortly after putting on the bracelet, I got an email
in which a difficult on-going client situation eased up and ended with a
simple but genuine, “thanks.” Spooky.
Love, Sharon